4 pack Hand Soap Fresh Citrus

Pink Solution


Pink Solution®  Hand Soap

Pink Solution Hand Soap is highly-concentrated liquid handwashing soap for kitchens, bathrooms, and general use. Frequent hand washing dries out your skin - but not with the Pink Solution Hand Soap. The vitamin E enriched formula is moisturizing and gentle on your skin, yet powerful enough to dissolve any dirt.

 Formulated with natural, plant-based, and mineral-derived ingredients, it’s non-irritating, vegan, biodegradable, and non-toxic. 

We have every sink in your house covered with the new 4 bottle package!

  • Rich creamy lather that dissolves grease, dirt, and grime;
  • Efficient and practical, the pump bottle dispenses the exact amount needed;
  • Leaves your hands clean, smooth, and protected due to the added vitamin E;
  • The pleasant, mild, and fresh scent stays on your hands;
  • Ideal companion of every sink in and outside your house.

How To Use

Pink Solution Hand Soap is ready-to-use, no dilution, and no dispenser needed. One pump in your palms, 20-second rub, rinse, and you’re good to go!

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