Become a Sales Demonstrator

Are you looking for just a career change?   How about a life changing career!

Pink Solution is a manufacturer of Canadian-made eco-safe cleaning products, based in Vancouver. In business for over 28 years, we have been successful because consumers love Pink Solution - an all natural, all purpose, alternative cleaner that cleans everything inside and outside the home.

A big part of Pink Solution over the last 28 years has been the Sales Demonstrators. Our brand and buying experience has always had the personal and informative touch of our “How to Use” performances. It is a unique, fun, and memorable way to discover and re-discover the dynamic uses of Pink Solution every time you come across our Costco Roadshows and Demonstration Booths.

If you are motivated to succeed and have the desire to continue to grow, learn, and develop your sales skills, then working as a Pink Solution Sales Demonstrator is an amazing and extraordinary opportunity for you.

Selling as a Pink Solution Sales Demonstrator is much different that any other sales job. For example, the traditional one on one sales experience that many retail and apparel reps may be used to don’t work as effectively in our shows. Our Sales Demonstrators focus on the group presentation. Once someone has started watching a demo, others join in to watch. The group demos are always highly successful, and this is where the fun is – and the money.

Our Costco Roadshows offer the flexibility to do what you want in your free time with our “two weeks on, two weeks off” schedule. You can work less than half the year and make twice the money that most people make. And there is the opportunity to travel anywhere and everywhere in Canada, as our company is part of Costco’s National Program.

Pink Solution has a team of amazing people from all over Canada. We have developed a strong brand that is eco friendly and created a work environment around which is fun, exciting, and welcomes new challenges and experiences.

One of the greatest parts of joining our team at Pink Solution is the chance to be part of the growing eco-product boom. We have been the leaders of Green Cleaning since the 1990 and are very well established in Canada. Our exceptionally effective product has earned us a great reputation for high quality and value, while lessening our collective impact on the environment.

This is your opportunity to join a dynamic team in a rapidly growing market.  Your opportunity to travel and make great money in Canada’s second largest retailer, Costco. And you can do this proudly as you will be working as part of an eco company, a family company, and a Canadian company.

Watch this video to learn more: