Pink Solution Clean is an all natural non-toxic concentrated cleaning paste that you can use to clean everything inside and outside your home!

Made with baking soda, seaweed kelp, coconut oil to name just a few of the ingredient sources and it cleans like no other!

One natural non-toxic biodegradable 5 litre bucket of concentrated paste that makes over 160 litres of soap. That’s the 1200 loads of laundry that you can do with just one 5 Litre bucket.Clean everything that needs cleaning for less than 35c/Litre

 You can do your tiles, granite, marble, quartz floors, stainless steel appliances, hardwood and laminate floors, windows, mirrors, glass, carpets, persian rugs, upholstery and it will even get rid of the salt stains in your vehicle.Don’t forget you can even wash your fruits and vegetables with it.

With the Pink Solution Clean you can not only clean your entire home faster and more effectively and also make an environmentally friendly choice while also saving you money! Clean everything using the power of non-toxic, all-natural powerful and safe Pink Solution products that are better for the environment and incredibly economical. 

You can clean just about anything: cabinets, countertops, kitchens, ovens, kitchen hoods, ranges, microwaves, bathrooms, sinks, stainless steel, tile, tubs, shower stalls, windows, glass, floors, laminate, granite, travertine, quartz, marble, cars, boats, RVs, walls, patios, pets, upholstery, pet odours, stain, toys, dishes, laundry, decks, jewelry and more!


  • 1x 5L PINK SOLUTION CLEAN = 1200x loads of laundry
  • 1x 5L PINK SOLUTION CLEAN = 1000x 700ml Spray Bottles (for everyday cleaning, combine 700 mL of hot tap water with 5 mL (1 tsp) Pink Solution Clean paste) 

Health canada & cdc recommended covid 19 cleaning

Both Health Canada and the CDC in the United States recommend a 2 step-process for cleaning your home during the current pandemic. 


Clean hard and soft surfaces found in the home with soap and water based solutions such as Pink Solution Clean to remove and limit the transfer of microorganisms .


Disinfect by spraying a solution of diluted bleach prepared in a ratio of1 teaspoon (5 mL) per cup (250 mL) assuming bleach is 5 % sodium hypochlorite. 




Pink Solution is known for being able to clean just about anything. An all-natural, non-toxic cleaning solution that is green but works!

Watch how it works!


Since our products are concentrates this means we use less plastic and save hundreds of thousands of bottles from going into landfills. 

 Our containers and spray bottles are designed to be reused again and again which is not the case with other cleaning brand's products. 

Our bottles are made with the most commonly recycled plastic content #1 plastic and is the most easily recycled plastic on the market..


Save money with Pink Solution because it cleans more, goes farther and lasts longer than other leading brands because of the fact it is super concentrated. 

One 5L bucket of Pink Solution Clean will last for twelve hundreds of loads of laundry or one thousand 700ml Spray Bottles worth. 

Not only are you saving hundreds of bottles from going into the landfills but you also save hundreds of dollars.



The best cleaning product I have come across. It takes bingo dabber out of carpet and cleaned a neglected hood vent with no problem at all. It's eco friendly and safe for people with allergies and pets too."

Janna Brock

Great for the dog park!!

"My two young labs absolutely love this toy. They are rough on toys, so we have to work with them on not trying to destroy a toy the moment it is given to them. 

This "flying squirrel" immediately became and continues to be a high value toy, so it is put up and out of the way when not being played with. Lightweight and flexible, but even so, the toy is really durable.”


"By far one of the best cleaning solutions I've ever come across. I'm highly sensitive to the strong chemical smells in most cleaning products on the market, and a "green" product is very expensive. Pink Solution is very cost effective, and there's no harsh chemical smells. What used to be a task that I absolutely hated has now become an enjoyable thing I actually look forward to doing." 

Sandy Lynch

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Pink Solution - CLEAN - All Purpose Natural Cleaner - Pink Solution



How to get rid of a stain on a chair or couch? Make a Heavy Mix by adding an 1/2cup of Pink Solution paste to 4 Litres of hot water. Once it is mixed and melted in water it doesn’t need to be melted again and you can use it whenever you need it.Spray on the stain.Rub and let it sit for a few minutes.Rinse with clean water on a cloth and it’s gone

Save a HUGE amount of money on laundry. Take a gallon of Heavy Mix and use 1 cup in a top load machine and in an HE machine use a 1/2 cup. There is over 1200 loads of laundry in our 5 litre bucket! 

Use our Heavy Mix of Pink Solution to wash your dog or cat!

Save HUGE on carpet cleaning too! Instead of spending $20 on carpet cleaner that only cleans maybe half a room, one gallon of Heavy Mix costs only $1.20 and you can clean the whole room’s carpet while also getting rid of toxins and allergens that build up over time in your carpet. 

You can use outside too for your cedar decking, patio, moss, mildew, patio furniture. It can even get the petroleum stains out of your driveway plus vinyl siding and even roofing!

A clean space, is a healthy space so why not choose a natural non-toxic biodegradable cleaner to make your home clean and healthy