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Pink Solution Universal Clean

The original all-purpose cleaning paste.


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Home Cleaning Bundle
A selection of our top products for safe and natural home cleaning. Available Fresh Citrus and Unscented
14-Piece Eco Cleaning Kit
Save with our ultimate cleaning bundle. Super concentrated and versatile products for a clean and safe home
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Our best selling products

Universal Clean
The original, eco-friendly all-purpose cleaning paste. Sizes available: 500ml, 2L, 5L and 7L.
The Original
Concentrated hard-surface cleaning scrub, made with Pink Solution clean and ground pumice
Multi Concentrate
One bottle of Multi Concentrate makes 32 spray bottles of multi-purpose cleaner
Disinfectant Cleaner
Fast, effective and convenient. Pink Solution Disinfectant kills 99.5% of germs in 5 seconds.

Pink is the new Green

Based in North Vancouver, BC, Pink Solution has been serving Canadians for over 30 years.

Helping consumers reduce, reuse and recycle while offering natural economical cleaning products that work!

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Our Philosophy


All of our products are super-concentrated. With the removal of excess air and water, our products require less packaging and are more efficient to ship.


Our tubs and spray bottles can be used again and again. This means that, every year, we save hundreds of thousands of bottles from going into landfills.


Our clear bottles are made of the highest quality plastics, which also happen to be the most easily recyclable plastics available in the market.