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About Us

At Pink Solution we believe in cleaning everything inside and outside your home, safely and effectively. We also believe in saving you money.

Soon after we realized how much of traditional cleaning products are active ingredients vs. water (hint: we were paying for a lot more water than we thought) we knew there had to be a better, more honest way to produce them. Knowing also how many harmful ingredients traditional cleaning products contained, we knew there had to be a better way to clean. So we asked ourselves a few simple questions…

  • What if one product could truly do multiple things? Clean counters, glass and laundry?
  • What if we could take the concept of ‘concentrated’ to a whole new level?
  • What if people could use the water readily available to them out of the tap?
  • What if we could drastically reduce packaging – and not just a little, but a lot?
  • What if we could reduce our carbon footprint in the transportation of cleaning products?
  • What if people could re-use their current spray bottles and liquid containers?

Did we really need to be paying for all this added water? Did we really need to be packaging and transporting all this added water across a continent? And what if we could do all this with a product that was not only safe for people and the environment, but also highly effective and economical?

Pink Solution is our answer to these questions. In 1990 we created a solution with three simple goals in mind. Our products are as effective, economical, and environmentally friendly as possible. They are cost conscious cleaning superstars that are safe for you, safe for your family, and safe for our planet.

Under new ownership since 2014, Pink Solution continues to be a family owned and operated business - creating quality products the old fashioned, small batch way – based on the north shore of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. We are proud to produce high quality, environmentally responsible cleaning products at prices that make sense.