About Us


Our mission, our raison d’etre, our core-commitment since 1989:

To create and manufacture plant- and mineral-based cleaning solutions that work great, that are cost-effective, and are environmentally safe for the earth and all life on it.


You might be wondering if everything you create, and manufacture is linked to your core commitment of being green... why is the company called Pink Solution?!

The answer is simple. We stand for:

Pride in our products and our team that produces them.
Innovative household cleaning products.
Natural ingredients which are entirely plant and mineral based (no artificial dyes or chemicals).
Kleening the dirtiest jobs easily, effectively, and safely.



    In 1989 a husband-and-wife team began collaborating with British Columbia Research to develop a highly concentrated multi-purpose cleaning paste that would serve as a non-toxic heavy-duty cleaner. In 1990 the cleaning product was launched as Pink Solution for its pink colour and for it being the solution to seemingly every cleaning problem. Pink Solution Ltd. was thus established.

    Soon Pink Solution developed a loyal following. Customers loved and continue to love:

    • its effectiveness at cleaning
    • its concentrated cleaning paste format which greatly reduces plastic bottle waste
    • its non-toxic quality
    • its long-lasting nature
    • the fact that it is manufactured exclusively in Canada
    • its cost effectiveness

    To further improve Pink Solution, the one artificial ingredient, pink dye, was removed from the formula to ensure that it was an all-natural product. In 1993 the company launched two new products: Mother’s Choice, a hard surface cleaner, and Laundry Bar, a concentrated stain remover in soap-bar form. These three products were the core of the Pink Solution company.

    In 2014, the company was sold to David Udow who kept the formulas the same, but changed the product names. To avoid confusion with the company of the same name, Pink Solution was renamed CLEAN, while Mother’s Choice was changed to SCRUB, and Laundry Bar was changed to STAIN REMOVER BAR. Under Udow more products were added to the Pink Solution family including DISH & HAND, LAUNDRY, and an all-purpose cleaner, MULTI.

    Pink Solution was sold for a third time to Dave Pasin and his family in 2021. With the new owner came our sister company, InTech Environmental, a manufacturer of environmentally friendly industrial solvents and cleaners.

    Though it has only been a few years under new ownership, we are proud of what we have accomplished. We weathered the storms that were Covid, supply chain issues, and rising costs. Now Pink Solution products are found in more stores across Canada than ever before. All of our products are now vegan, made entirely of natural plant and mineral-based ingredients. We continue to improve our offerings of effective and environmentally safe cleaning products that meet our company’s values and mission.