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12 Secrets to Cleaning Your Home Faster

12 Steps to Clean Your Home Faster

Free time is precious, so decreasing the time needed to keep your house clean is unmatchable. We all love the look and smell of a freshly cleaned space, but are there ways that you could do it in half the time?

We researched and summed up the best, most efficient secrets and methods to clean your home faster.

1. Decide on a strategy

Come up with a strategy that is both easy to execute and effective.  For some is task-by-task; for others is room-by-room. Find the one you're most comfortable with and stick to it.

For task-to-task, dusting goes first, then vacuuming and mopping. Decide the cleaning actions schedule and do each one in every room before you do the next.

For room-by-room, you focus on one room at a time and move to the other when the first one is thoroughly cleaned.

2. Clean the whole house

We know cleaning 350square feet, or more is exhausting. But if you focus on one room, everyone in your household will be transferring dirt from the other rooms into it. Don't forget the more often you clean the whole house, the easier it is to clean it the following time.

3. Use an all-purpose cleaner

Switching between three to five different solutions and carrying a whole basket of cleaners complicates the cleaning process. Getting a multifunctional cleaner, like Pink Solution Clean All-Purpose Cleaner, will save you time, money and make each cleaning day hassle-free!

4. Push down dirt, then sweep it

Get a ladder and step up! The high tops are known to collect a lot of dirt so dust them first then move downwards. Finish by sweeping or vacuuming the pushed dust and dirt. Vacuuming without properly wiping will give you the feeling of a half-cleaned house. Dusting all over again will cost you more time!

5. Get the laundry started

Gather all the bedding from each room and get your laundry started while you're cleaning the other parts of the house. Then when you're done, you'll have freshly washed sheets to put on your beds. For an extra crisp-clean feeling and fantastic smell, get your hand on Pink Solution Laundry Liquid. It tackles the most challenging stains and lingering odors while keeping the environment safe.

6. Use Scrub for the kitchen and bathroom

Kitchens, along with bathrooms, are the most challenging and time-consuming surfaces to clean.Hard surface cleaners are often overlooked because they’re full of harsh chemicals and odors.

But not the Pink Solution Hard Surface Scrub. It's fast-acting, made from coconut oil, seaweed, and other natural ingredients. It removes hard stains from your pots, pans, grill, bathroom tiles, and faucets in no time!

7. Don't forget the windows and mirrors

Catching your reflection in a smudgy mirror after you finished cleaning sounds like a nightmare, right? Kids and pets are the ones that love touching them, so you must use a safe cleaner. With a light mix of the Pink Solution All-Purpose Cleaner, you'll clean your windows and mirrors and keep your loved ones safe.

8. Disinfect countertops

Kitchen counters, doorknobs, and bathrooms require extra attention since they're prone to accumulating bacteria. Cut your time disinfecting them by using the Pink Solution CSD that comes in a practical bottle, and it's proven to kill 99,5% of the germs.

9. Choose pet and kids safe cleaning solutions

It's essential not only to cut the time you spend cleaning but to cut out harsh chemicals from the process. Look for biodegradable, non-toxic, and vegan cleaning solutions. If you're smell-sensitive, it might be harder to find unscented cleaning solutions, but Pink Solution has you covered.

10. Invest in cleaning supplies and tools

Get enough spray bottles, sponges, and scrubbers so you won't need to stop in the middle of the cleaning process to wash or refill them. If you're not sure what exactly you need, get an affordable cleaning bundle.

11.Include the whole family

Get each and everyone from your household involved in the process. Assign them each a task and make it fun. Don't make cleaning a dreadful obligation; instead, look at it as another family bonding activity.

12. Fake a clean house when you must

Even the most organized of us sometimes leave a messy house behind. We're not judging. If you ever get unannounced guests, here’s a tip for tidying up in 15 minutes; spray some Pink Solution Multi-Surface Cleaner on the visible surfaces like a coffee table to wipe the dust and diffuse some pleasant aroma.

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