Covid 19 and Pink Solution


As Covid-19 cases across the world continue to grow and fear sweeps the country, there’s one critical staple to help “flatten the curve,” or slow the epidemic: soap.

At Pink Solution, we are here to help you in the battle to be clean!

Good old fashion soap actually destroys the Coronavirus according to scientists such as Palli Thordarson a Professor at the School of Chemistry at The University of New South Wales.

He shares “Why does soap work so well on the SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus and indeed most viruses? Because it is a self-assembled nanoparticle in which the weakest link is the lipid (fatty) bilayer. The soap dissolves the fat membrane and the virus falls apart like a house of cards and "dies", or rather, we should say it becomes inactive as viruses aren’t really alive. Viruses can be active outside the body for hours, even days. Disinfectants or liquids, wipes, gels and creams containing alcohol (and soap) have similar effects but are not really quite as good as normal soap. Apart from the alcohol and soap, the “antibacterial agents” in these products don't affect the virus structure much at all. Consequently, many antibacterial products are basically just an expensive version of soap in terms of how they act on viruses. Soap is the best but alcohol wipes are good when soap is not practical or handy (e.g. office receptions).”

Our recommendations:

- For hand washing and dishes we recommend “Dish”, keep a bottle handy on your kitchen counter.

- For all-purpose cleaning and spraying, we recommend “Multi”, great for cleaning grime and residue of any surface.

- For bathroom tubs, tiles and hard surfaces, we recommend “Scrub”, the best non-toxic option that will clean even the most difficult grime.

- For a seemingly endless supply of cleaning solution, we recommend “Clean” our original cleaning paste which can be used to make 200-500 bottles of spray of Light to Heavy Mix and used on almost anything.

- For cleaning clothes with a high-performance solution we recommend “Laundry”, works great for both HE washers and regular.

For over 30 years we have been helping consumers reduce, reuse and recycle while offering natural, economical cleaning products that work. We will continue to offer you our high-quality cleaning solutions and together the world will win this battle!

Covid 19 and Pink Solution


  • Hillary Rockvam

    Can I use a dilution of Pink Solution in place of Lysol Spray to kill the COVID-19 virus on high-touch surfaces in common areas of a multi-unit housing unit?

  • Leslie Fowler

    I read the article above but it does not say whether Pink is effective against covid. Could you please confirm?

  • Jennifer Young

    Can hand sanitizer be made with pink solution and alcohol?

  • Natali

    This is what it says on amazon.ca : To limit the spread of Codiv-19, the Government of Canada recommends frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as bars, doorknobs, handrails, light switches, cabinet handles, faucet handles, tables, countertops, electronics, desks, and kitchens. Using a high-quality soap like Pink Solution Clean, in combination with a Health-Canada-approved hard surface disinfectant, is the best way to fight Coronavirus and flatten the curve.

  • Viera

    Please state clearly that multi purpose cleaner is an effective agent against Covid 19

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