How Clean a Kitchen Range Hood Naturally

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Have you wondered how to clean a kitchen range hood naturally? Well, we have the solution! Using our Pink Solution heavy mix you can not only cut away at heavy grease but also polish and shine your kitchen range so that it can look its best. 

How to Clean Kitchen Range Hood

The reason kitchen range hoods become quite filthy is because they are situated over the cooking stove. Steam and splatter along with grease residue floats up and coats whatever it comes in contact with including your kitchen range hood. In order to stay on top of its cleaning we suggest once every 6 months to give it a good deep cleaning. You can also give it a light wipe during your weekly or bi-weekly cleans. This will ensure that your kitchen range will continue to look great. 

Pink Solution is effective, eco-friendly and economical. The problem with many natural cleaning solutions or homemade concoctions is that they just don’t work as well as you need them to. With Pink Solution we take the worry out of whether or not it will be able to do the job. Without harsh chemicals or toxic fumes you get the clean you need for a safe and clean home for you, your loved ones and pets. 

The first step in cleaning your kitchen range hood is to spray thoroughly Pink Solution over the entire surface. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and while waiting remove your fan exhaust cover and place in a sink of warm soapy water. Now go back and with a scrub sponge or cloth rub away until all of the grease has been removed. Then go over it with a clean damp cloth that has been rinsed with clean water in order to remove any residue. The last step is to dry and polish with a clean dry microfiber cloth.

Don’t forget the exhaust fan cover in the sink! Now it is time to the sink and scrub the exhaust cover. Do what you can with just a scrub sponge and soapy water and then take it out and spray with Pink Solution for a deeper clean. Continue to scrub and rinse until all the grease has been removed.

There you go! You should now have a totally clean range and your exhaust cover is showroom ready.

For quick reference, here are the steps broken down:

Step 1) Spray kitchen range hood thoroughly Pink Solution over the entire surface.

Step 2) Leave on for 5-10 minutes. 

Step 3) While waiting to remove your fan exhaust cover and place it in a sink of warm soapy water.

Step 4) Use a scrub sponge or cloth to rub away all of the grease until it has been removed from the range hood.

Step 5) Use clean water on a damp cloth to go over it until all residue has been rinsed away.

Step 6) Dry and polish with a clean dry microfiber cloth.

Step 7) Scrub kitchen exhaust cover after spraying with Pink Solution.

Step 8) Replace kitchen exhaust cover.

There you go, super clean with no harsh chemicals or toxic fumes.

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    I am unable to find a spraying bottle that sprays the pink solution effectively. Do you have any recommendations? Do you sell spraying bottles?

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