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How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets can get very dirty from cooking splatter and more. Generally, you will find that cabinets can become coated with a thin layer of grease.  Everything from sauce to spills ends upon them and they do need a good cleaning at least once a season. You can clean kitchen cabinets naturally and have them looking their best. With this simple guide, you can go from grungy and gross to lovely and spotless with your wood cabinets.   

Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Pink Solution allows you to not only clean your cabinets but to do it naturally, effectively and economically. For very dirty cabinets we suggest the Pink Solution Heavy Mix (made from the Original Clean) or the new Pink Solution Multi.  

Mist Pink Solution on cabinets and let sit for a minute or two and then wipe clean with a soft cloth. Repeat if required and dry with a different cloth. For exceptionally grime and dirt we suggest you leave the solution on for 15 - 20 minutes and then follow the above directions. 

No matter how much cleaning is required for your wood cabinets, these basic tips will help you:

  • Use a sponge or soft cloth 
  • Wipe the cleaner on the outside of the cabinet doors and drawers
  • Clean door handles and drawer pulls.
  • A toothbrush dipped in Pink Solution mix works wonders for the wood around the hardware and in crevices. 
  • Don’t forget the inside of the doors and drawers.
  • Use clean water with a second cloth or sponge to remove cleaner from surfaces. 
  • Dry surfaces with a clean cloth.

Cabinet Cleaning Tip #1:

Start at the top and work your way down. This goes for all cleaning routines and will allow you to be the most efficient with your efforts and time. 

Cabinet Cleaning Tip #2: 

Wipe your cupboards down weekly to ensure that grime does not buildup and deep clean with Pink Solution every few months. 

Cabinet Cleaning Tip #3: 

If your cabinets have glass or mirrors on them then do not spray glass cleaner directly on them which might cause damage to the wood. Instead, spray the glass cleaner directly on to a paper towel and then wipe the glass or mirror. 

Cabinet Cleaning Tip #4:

Clean up spills and accidents as they happen to prevent staining and difficult to clean messes. 

Cabinet Cleaning Tip #5:

Don't forget the edges and sides of your cabinets!

You deserve a clean and spotless kitchen and that isn’t possible without paying attention to the details such as the cleanliness of your cabinets. That picture-perfect home couldn’t be so without well-kept cabinets and counters. You’ve invested in your kitchen and by regular maintenance you will be able to feel pride every time you enter your kitchen abode. 

Have you ever entered someone’s home and seen dirty countertops, grimy cupboards and backsplashes that needed a good wipe? They say that your physical surroundings reflect your mental state and vice versa. For optimum peace of mind and to be able to add clarity and focus to your routine and day then we suggest regular cleaning of your kitchen with a good deep clean every 3-6 months. 



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